Interactive games designed especially for children to play with family and friends.


Zoic is the coolest alien in the galaxy. Happy, friend and always protector of nature. A true hero! It has very advanced technological paraphernalia, such as the Relogioi˘, a clock full of crazy functions. It can be an intergalactic compass, a space trombone creator and even a very powerful yo-yo with a teleportation function!


It's a 7-year-old boy, very smart, curious and funny! Half-messy, he's got a big, soft heart like jello. Jonas is very bold and creative.


He is the most adventurous grandfather in the world, and above all defender of nature! Or rather, the universe! Already an astronaut, knows everything about planets and plays a lot of musical instruments. V˘ Ventura is Jonas's grandfather, and always tells a lot of stories about his adventures.


She is a true advocate of nature! He lives in the forest helping to fight for the environment. In the past he was an astronaut, and in one of his intergalactic adventures he met his beloved friends, V˘ Ventura and Zoic.


An Indian heroine! Very smart and brave, she lives in the forest and knows everything about fauna and flora. Can even speak the languages of the bugs! A very well-known little girl, who always knows how to get her friends in trouble.


She is Zoic's wife, kind and very wise. It has a pouch that, when opened underneath, turns a book with blank pages. Nele Zoli can read any book in the universe.


He is the eldest son of Zoic and Zoli. He loves his intergalactic cap and has a golden bezel whose vision reaches even other planets. He knows all about technology, is very smart, and well comrade. He loves adventure stories, just like Jonas.


She is Bizuic's little sister, small and playful. A cuteness! She is courageous and fearless, and has robot-roped ropes, which helps her in many adventures.


A very funny animal that came from a musical mess. It looks like a chubby dog, only with duck's wings, cloves of garlic, a pork snout and a branch in place of the tail! He's all innocent and clumsy. Peti loves the Misturento, and the two are best friends!